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Lucille/Edith/Thomas au movie divergence

(Anonymous) 2015-10-26 01:57 am (UTC)(link)
(Because lol at the way Thomas suggested they all run off together in the movie. I'm not quite capable of coming up with a prompt fill to get past Lucille's persistent and obvious attempts to murder Edith at that point.)

Edith meets Lucille before she encounters Thomas. Thomas is wooing his original mark, not Edith. Jealous and resentful over Thomas's progress on his fourth engagement, Lucille seduces Edith as revenge. Lucille only means to make a point before returning to the usual MO, but she finds that she is actually very fond of the pretty dreamer Edith. Maybe she reminds Lucille of the innocent young Thomas.

Lucille is less fond of Edith's dad, who has no reason to research the Sharpes' past, but harshly declines Thomas's request for investment. So Lucille kills him. Honestly: she's still that kind of monster.

Adrift, Edith turns ever more to Lucille for comfort. And Lucille decides she's had enough of watching Thomas sulk and suffer under the attentions of women they both resent. She torpedoes his new engagement. She's going to get Edith and Thomas both. Thomas will follow her; he always does. And perhaps they could have a child.

Re: Lucille/Edith/Thomas au movie divergence

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Re: Lucille/Edith/Thomas au movie divergence

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Good lord please somebody take this on.