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Name:Crimson Peak Kink Meme
This is the account for the Crimson Peak kink meme!


1. Be nice. Please be respectful of others' kinks.

2. Comment anonymously.

3. Your prompt does not have to be NSFW or shippy. Gen, SFW, etc. is ok too.

4. Please warn for major triggers: rape/non-con, incest (yes, incest), violence/gore, underage, abuse.

5. RPF is okay, so long as it connects to the film.

6. Prompt posts are for prompts only; if you want to discuss Tom's Buns or other pertinent topics, please go to the chat post.

7. Questions for me? Requests? Suggestions? Please leave them on the mod post.

8. For ease of use, I suggest using the following format when prompting: subject line should include pairing, kink/subject matter (ex. "edging" or "faking a relationship" or "modern day AU"), any pertinent triggers or warnings. Describe your prompt in the body of the post.

WIP fills should be announced on the WIP post, while completed fills should be announced on the completed fills post.
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