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Re: Edith/Thomas Thomas has a praise!kink (Part 1/4)

“Are you working on your story?” Thomas grinned genuinely and made his way into the library.

Edith pushed up her glasses and nodded with a smile.

“It’s so exciting.” He came round the table to lean on the back of her chair.

Edith blushed at his words, there was possibly nothing better than receiving compliments on something you worked so hard on. She leaned back against him as he read.

“I will be the first in line for your book, Edith.” She smiled and reached for him, he wrapped his arms around her neck and kissed her cheek. “You’re so much better at what you do than I am.” He sighed, voice tinged with sadness. “It seems I don’t have the talent to change anything no matter how strongly I desire to, useless, it’s all for nothing.”

Edith frowned. “Hey.” She turned around in her chair. His eyes met hers. “Don’t do that.”

“Hm? Do what?” Thomas tilted his head.

“Put yourself down, of course. You always do that.” Edith reached for his hand and squeezed it. “Why?”

Thomas shrugged. “My words are true aren’t they?” He smiled sadly. “I can’t be the man that I need to be to provide for my loved ones.”

“You’re amazing. Don't you know that?” Edith stood, her hand still held tightly in his as she went round the chair. “My amazing, smart, and charming husband.”

Thomas looked startled at her words said so confidently and passionately. He laughed then, all the self loathing and sadness gone from his face. “Edith, please.” Despite his words a small, slightly embarassed smile blossomed on his face. He shook his head and looked at her as if she were silly.

“Oh, but I know these things.” She whispered dramatically, slowly creeping forward. “I’m only saying what is true. We’re builders, you and I, dreamers. We may put our hands to work in different ways but I know this. Your mind is one of a kind. You matter. Your work matters. Even on your worst day.”

“You really think so?”

Edith stood on her tip toes and narrowed her eyes. “I know so.” Her feet dropped flatly to the floor and she whipped around, tugging him along.

“Where are you taking me?” He chuckled.

“To your workshop.” As they trudged up the stairs the dog scurried down the main hall and followed. “You’re going to put that beautiful imagination of yours to work and make me something.”

“What would you like?”

“Surprise me. I’m sure whatever you come up with will be wonderful.”

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