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Edith/Thomas - Ghosts give a second chance to Thomas cause they still love him

(Anonymous) 2016-03-09 03:00 pm (UTC)(link)
When Edith and Alan got to the settlement they are both in bad enough condition not to be able to say much before falling into unconsciousness from injuries and stress (Alan passed out even earlier than they did this to the people). Just that Lucille went crazy and killed Thomas (Edith thinks so because she saw his ghost). Some time later, Finlay brings barely alive sir Thomas - he wanted to recheck the invention of young master. After all, they're work on it a lot - it would be terrible if it fell into disrepair due to frost. And he found the corpse of his master's sister. He immediately rushed to search for sir Thomas.
Meanwhile, in her unconscious Edith was still haunted by the ghost of murdered wives and surprisely by mother of Thomas. They show her dreams of a childhood of Thomas and Lucille and about that happened to the other women, and mother always insisted that his blood will be on the hands of Edith. So at the time when Edith become better, she is quite a lot of sympathy even to Lucille (although Edith cannot forgive her for manipulating of own brother and compulsion him into incestual relationship - Lucille may not realize it in the beginning, but she has always used Thomas' feel of guilt and his desire to comfort his sister and repay good, against him) does not want to ruin the good name of her husband. So when she wakes up and gets interviewed she only confirms that Lucille went crazy and tried to kill her. Thomas seems able to calm her down, but when doctor McMichael arrived Lucille became aggressive again and this time Thomas was unable to reach her.
When Alan wakes up she makes sure to get to him first. It turns out he does not know much, so it's easy to push him on the thought that Thomas' previous wife was the victim of his insane sister. And Thomas just do not understand this because Lucille well concealed her illness. Untill Edith. And when he understood that he recently tried to talk then play along with Lucille, believing that she is not lost yet.
As soon as she finds that Thomas was alive, she prefers to stay by his side. Because after losing the blinders of naivety, her love for him become stronger.
+ The ghosts show her what to say.
+ They also opened to Edith other mysteries of manor and when she became enough healthy, she returned to the estate because she dreamed of a hiding place in the Lucille room. There she found Lucile's personal diaries that she was from the moment learned to write (at first for the practice, and then out of habit).
+ Diaries confirmed dreams (though in a more exaggerated way - the writer is biased and child).
+ Thomas did not know about Lucille plans for Mr. Carter, until he saw the body.
+ More than half of diaries divided into a written apology to Thomas from Lucille for her own misdeeds against her brother. Another part is rationalized why it was necessary for Lucille doing what she was doing with/to/for Thomas, and how it was for his own good.
+ Ghosts interfere with the consequence, that when law enforcement officials inspected the house they found no records or any other bodies. Apart from Enola's, and even in its proper place in the crypt of Sharpe with all the appropriate attributes of a normal burial.
+ The investigation begins and ends while Thomas was still not conscious. He wakes up in the US, where he was transported by Edith.
+ The invention works and so mines. This gives reason for Thomas and Edith to visit estate.