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Re: Edith/Thomas Thomas has a praise!kink

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Filled (Part 4/4):

Thomas made a show of it. He woke her in the middle of the night, making sure to be extra quiet as they made their way to his workshop. The larger and more dramatic he became the brighter her eyes grew. He’d placed it in a box and hidden it, setting it on his table his fingers tapped teasingly against the latch until she shook him excitedly.

“You open it.” He looked up at her.

She leaned forward and rested her chin on his shoulder as she flipped the latch. She bit her lip, the reveal made all the more sweeter as she felt him practically vibrate beneath her. Edith slowly lifted the lid. “Oh,” she breathed. “Thomas. This is lovely. Absolutely lovely, I can’t believe it.”

The butterfly – as large as her hand – was painted white with black swirls, orange specks, and fine gold trimmings.

“Here, please.” He picked the butterfly up and stood, gesturing for her to take it. He felt as if he would burst from the anticipation. “Hold it, like so…” He gestured with his finger to the butterfly’s sides.

“I’m almost afraid to hold it.” But Edith delicately took it anyway and held it just as instructed, the butterfly wings fluttered and so did her heart. “Oh!” She cried. “It’s so wonderful, Thomas!” She gushed and they both laughed breathlessly. “You’ve really brought it to life!” She looked at him, his eyes bright with the gift that could only be experienced when you made something by yourself with your own two hands. “Like words in a book, or the blueprints to a house come to life, it has a part of you now. And it’s absolutely beautiful. I am a lucky woman.” She held it close to her chest and kissed his cheek.

Thomas did not look how she expected at her words, how he once reacted to them in the library. He looked torn.

“What is it?”

“I’m sorry,” he started and looked away, eyes red with unshed tears, but she didn’t want to hear any of it as she guided him to his chair.

“How many times must I tell you how wonderful you are before it sinks in?” She placed her gift on the table and boldly sat in his lap.

She wondered then as she observed him if Thomas ever had anyone to lavish praise on his work like her father or Alan did to her. Surely Lucille must? They seemed so close and they were all they had. But evidence would point to the contrary. He seemed both starved and unworthy of her words. She knew how that felt all too well, but Thomas was affected by it so strongly. Just as with her father’s words, it didn’t motivate him the way it did her, it gave her all the more evidence that no one ever told him.

“It will work. Your machine. Do you know why?” She kissed his forehead. “Because you have the power to make it so. Do you know why?” Thomas shivered and wrapped his arms around her tightly. She kissed his nose. “Because the first time we met I knew you were a fighter.” She kissed his jaw. “Thomas Sharpe, your life will change for the better simply because you have the will and the heart.”

Thomas moaned softly and turned his head to nuzzle her neck, placing heated, open mouthed kisses along her skin. She continued her mantra of how talented and lovely she found him, how she could write an entire story on the fire she saw in his eyes alone. His kisses and touches soon became feverish at her words, and she never stopped even when he made her voice shake and thoughts cloudy with desire.

Suddenly, he froze just as he had the first time they were in a similar situation in his workshop, only this time she knew why. “It’s just the wind, Thomas,” she assured him, taking her face in his hands. “I don’t think she’d look here twice, do you? Especially if we’re very, very quiet.” She smoothed his curls down and scratched along his neck, Thomas watched her every move as if in awe. “Your sister seems to pop up at the most innapropriate moments.” She said teasingly. He did not smile.

“I wish we were back at the post office.” He whispered, as if confiding a dirty secret to her, eyes glued to the door.

Edith wanted to ask about Lucille’s behavior the morning they came back but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to know the answer. She never had any siblings but she’s heard how protective, an older sibling could be towards the younger, sometimes irrationally so. She thought Lucille had liked her, but since she’s been here his sister has been nothing but distant and odd.

She rested her head on his shoulder, her fingers ran through his hair and scratched lightly at his neck, he leaned into her touch hungrily. They stayed like that for a while, listening to the house creak and groan. But as time passed and they sat in silence her desire only grew. She shifted in his lap and found he felt the same.

She bit her lip shyly, she had no way of going about to ask, the very first and last time had been purely instinctual. This felt entirely different. They both knew this as they looked at one other and neither moved. Until she did. Leaning forward she pressed her lips to his eagerly and he reacted similarly. “I want you,” she mumured between kisses, “can I have you?”


Edith jumped up, a grin on her face as she lifted her dress and removed her drawers. His hands flew to his trousers and she was on him.

It was slow and perfect. Her hands steady on her shouler and his around her waist as she lazily rocked into him. The chair groaned under their weight. Their eyes never strayed to the door or the cold, harsh wind or thougts of this sinking house. Thomas’ eyes fluttered closed in pleasure but they never stayed that way, they trailed down their joined bodies, studied her lips, stared into her own shamelessly.

“I never thought,” she said shakily, “I would meet someone as wonderful as you.”

Thomas’ eyes widened. They were so incredibly close and full of expression, even in the darkness he couldn’t hide himself away there.

“Do you have any idea…how much you mean to me?” She rocked forward, their chests pressed against each other, noses touching.

“I don’t.” He moaned. “I don’t. I don’t deserve it.”

“What you do to me, Thomas?” She ignored him, rolling her hips, his fingers dug into her skin. “The things–”

“Edith,” he sobbed.

“You feel so wonderful,” she panted. “Inside and out.”


“You and your big, glorious, beautiful mind ”

Thomas pulled her down and kissed her as if it were his last time.

“I just want you to know that. I do. I want you to believe it too.”




“I love you. So much. I love you so much, Thomas.”

Thomas’ eyes widened, jaw slacked, her name strained on his lips as he came and she followed a few moments after.

He held her close, buried his face in her golden hair and breathed her in. “You really think all of those things about me.” He said in awe.

“I do. And you do too, right?” He nodded and she smiled against his chest. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Edith.” Strength and confidence were in those five words, if he didn't know it now he would soon.