Someone wrote in [personal profile] crimsonkink 2016-03-07 10:38 am (UTC)

(Edith/Thomas) Edith learns the darkness of her own love.

After the events in the movie Edith finds herself unable to sell or even demolish the estate of Sharpes (just as declare the truth about what happened. And by manipulations prohibits Alan to do so. Thus the official version of events is that Lucille again went crazy and killed the wives of her brother and the brother himself out of jealousy). She was still deeply yearns for Thomas. But soon she realizes that his ghost not haunts the mansion or herself cause he made his peace before his death. But Edith, who for obvious reasons, take a deep interest in the subject of ghosts, fear that they will not meet in the death and using some methods to summon and hold Thomas' spirit from afterlife. So when she dies, he will be right there next to her, and they will have a new chance.
+ If over time, Alan began to suspect that ghosts haunt Edith and she just does not dare to share it (so not became mistaken for lunatic). And secretly decides to hire professional aid to get rid of them.
++ Edith interrupts them just in time.
+++ In the new home of Edith allocated several rooms (one is workshop with all Thomas' tools and inventions) for Thomas to 'haunt'.

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