Someone wrote in [personal profile] crimsonkink 2015-11-24 12:41 pm (UTC)

Edith/Thomas -- pneumonia and escape (h/c)

When Edith goes up to see Thomas' workshop for the first time, she finds him at his table, with his blanket over his shoulders like in the film, but here he's chilled, feverish, and dangerously sick. Also too we're gonna bump the season ahead a bit and say the snow's already flying, leaving Allerdale Hall cut off. Which means Lucille has to call off the whole "poisoning Edith" plan, because she needs her to help Lucille keep Thomas alive.

Bonus points if at some point in his illness, Thomas reveals something that drives Edith to risk the weather and roads to get them both away from Allerdale ASAP.

(no actual Thomas death, por favor. The movie handled that just fine.)

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