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Edith/Ghost!Thomas Astral Projection/Astral Love making

Edith doesn't see the ghost of Thomas Sharpe after leaving Allerdale Hall, but she hears and feels him wandering about her house at night. Sometimes she dreams of the past horrors of Crimson Peak, but the nightmares never stay for long, a light presence always washing over her before they can become too real. Edith does some research on lucid dreaming and decides to contact him between the realm of the living and the dead. She meets him on the Astral Plane, they meet every night and talk about her work and life, and they are together and in love.

+Edith and Thomas travel to cities on the astral plane.

+Astral!Edith and Ghost!Thomas are neither completely solid but they don't look quite like ghosts either, they can control their appearance, move through one another or touch each other when they choose. Their energies are gold and white and brightens or dims depending on their mood.

+Thomas comments on freeing the victims of the women and child of the house from the ghost of Lucille.

+Edith forgiving Thomas and Thomas realizing he'd been in a manipulative, abusive relationship with his sister and forgiving her.

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