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Re: Edith/Thomas Thomas has a praise!kink

Filled (Part 2/4): https://crimsonkink.dreamwidth.org/553.html?thread=1577#cmt1577

Thomas did not get any sleep. The moment Lucille dozed off he snuck away to his workshop, giddiness in his steps.

He hadn’t carved anything since childhood. And it was always only for Lucille.

It felt good to make something for someone else. As he worked he imagined all of the reactions Edith might make when she saw the final product. Half of them weren’t so good. So he worked very slowly and carefully. Pouring his heart into every stroke. He couldn’t describe the feeling of sharing such work with a person who understood, that bared open their minds and showed it to others. It was a special, intimate thing– the work of an artist or writer or builder. And Edith understood that completely. He couldn’t wait to show her.

And then he realized Edith may not be around to admire it for long.

He stopped working on it for two days. And then Edith asked how it was coming along. He became more determined to finish it, his ear open to any creaks in the floorboards or the jingling of keys as he worked. Lucille might destroy it if she saw it. Or worse– make him destroy it.

Why did he choose her? He’d never second guessed himself in that situation before. He never felt anything like that before. Edith had a fire in her, it was unpredictable and unique as every flame is. And it had inspired him to ignite his own. The flame was weak and it’s candle thin and small, but it was enough to keep her warm and happy.

The words that fell from Edith’s mouth that day in the library were even lovelier than the ones she typed on paper. Words for him. Genuine, heartfelt praise that held no motive other than to make him feel better. Heat fanned across his face and the grin he’d been trying to hold in all night finally came through. He was finished.

Thomas sighed happily and put it away for it to dry. It was late and Lucille would search for him if he didn’t come to bed soon.

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